Sunman Export

Sunman Export is the esteemed leading producer of world fashion designs. 

Sunman has an international reputation of being the producer of world-leading brands and producer of designer labels.


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Our mission is to support our global buyers and our vendors by a cost and planet-saver formula so we sustain all our partners and our businesses with a long life.


Creating more sustainable sourcing and zero waste production line for many more designers and international brands.

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Company Culture

Conducting business in an ethical and sustainable way is part of Sunman's culture and strategy in all of its spheres of influence, it is a “must-have” that Sunman has integrated into the company’s thinking and processes. 

We truly believe that our responsibilities go beyond our own company and we strive to embed our values in our relations with all our employees, buyers, partners, and across our supply chain.

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Sustainable design and manufacturing mean high quality and durability, so we don't need to overproduce or buy more. 

Any design can be more sustainably redesigned and sustainably produced. 

At Sunman, we spread sustainable thinking and practice with all our team members. 

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Sunman team who resist together belongs together! All team members are activists and specialized in fields of sustainable fashion innovation and international fashion trends.  

Our team consists of business specialists with vast experience who have the best know-how in the industry are all experienced in international fashion production.  With our specialized, design department we have both the expertise and manpower to develop any design to reality.