Learn about Sunman services

Sunman develops and produces high-end fashion collections, works with fair trade ethics and fully transparent principles. Sunman sustainable design, production, and samplings plan and produce according to the scheduling system.

We produce as a contract manufacturer and work with established brands or registered companies with VAT numbers. We only use registered email addresses for all our commercial communications, per fair trade rules and sustainability principles. We do not use unsustainable and unsafe messaging systems, unregistered email, or social networks.

Sunman always has comprehensive knowledge of the seasonal key trends. We have our own modeling, design, auto cut and sew departments, stock fabrics, materials for faster service. These are the strongest part of our factory.  google-site-verification: google2257b710c1d99621.html

Our due dates

  • Sample and prototype 25 to 45 days ( according to the material and fabric availability)
  • Production 45-90-120 days ( according to the material and fabric availability)

Sunman is only approved to work with a minimum of 2 seasonal or all-year collections. 

According to sustainability, Sunman develops and produces collections with a minimum of 5look or 10designs

Sunman does not consider production with only one-two design in several colors.

Sunman does not consider insisting buyers on unsustainable productions.

For the collection development and production, Sunman has limited availability in its busy schedule;  Production schedules are primarily reserved for senior buyers a minimum of 2 seasons ahead of the actual seasons. 

We would love to hear and discuss your dream collection but it's not applicable as we are receiving daily more than 1000 new inquiries we consider and work based on data only. 

Please decide on the service you would like to proceed with and provide the necessary details from the listed below services for your potential project so we can check our schedule for availability. 

With the reservation system policy, we plan and produce on a first-come, first-served basis.


  1. The buyer   download, fill and sign the NDA, 
  2. The buyer upload filled signed NDA to the system 
  3. The buyer decides the service from the list of services 
  4. The buyer provides the necessary details and uploads the files for the selected service on 
  5. Sunman correspondence team checks the files and approve to designation a costing team 2-3days
  6. The designated costing team calculates the consumptions and labor of each design, material, fabric based on provided data and provides the final costing with the available project date to the finance department.
  7. Sunman finance department prepares and sends the buyer's purchase order to the correspondence team with account details.
  8. Sunman correspondence team sends the buyer's purchase order to the buyer with account details by e-mail.
  9. Once buyers accept the purchase order till the due date (PO) sign and provide its receipt(Swift Message) with e-mail.
  10. Sunman correspondence team sends the buyer's signed and approved purchase order with its receipt to the finance department.
  11. Once PO and payment approval are received by Sunman finance the first proceeding available date is booked to this buyer and finance provides the smart contracts to the correspondence team.
  12. The correspondence team sends the smart contract and announces the finance's approval of the buyer by e-mail.
  13. The buyer provides the smart contract signed by e-mail to the correspondence team.
  14. Once the correspondence team receives the signed smart contract. Announces the project starts on the booked date.
  15. The project starts on the booked date finished and deliver on the due date.
  16. Sunman correspondence team sends the buyer's customs documents with shipping and tracking documents by e-mail.
  17. If a buyer would like to place the (RPT) reproduction order, should apply not less than the last 45days after the production.